Saranac by Gunlocke

Saranac by Gunlocke

Crafted to blend beautifully

by IDA Design, Principal Mitch Bakker

Rustic and modern. Interlocking joinery and smoothed transitions. Saranac echoes a subtle balance in the relationship between outside and in. The collection includes tables and companion furniture, benches and credenzas. Saranac is minimalism at work.



  • Range of applications
  • Breadth of line
  • Size
  • Technology
  • Style


  • Wide range of options
  • Hand-selected veneer
  • Refined aesthetic
  • Aesthetic continuity

Apron Structure

  • Rigid structure for table top
  • Conceals technology


  • Wire management
  • Unique technology access
  • Plentiful power/Data access


  • Optional full fill or open pore finish