Retractable Wall System by Tudelü

Retractable Wall System by Tudelü

Motorized Retractable Walls

Tudelü is a retractable wall system designed to add flexibility to commercial and living spaces.
After much design, engineering  and product-testing, we have created Tudelü UP an acoustic, motor-operated retractable wall that allows you to create multi-use spaces out of any room. With the noise-absorbing capabilities of conventional walls, you get quiet and privacy when you need it and wide open space when you want it.

A retractable wall system that’s easy to use, with sound and visibility control. Ideal for event spaces, meeting rooms, and classrooms.



Sound Control

Enjoy the acoustic control of real walls without the bulk and immobility. Choose from 31, 46, or 53 STC rating Tudelü UP wall systems. From private meetings to large events, experience the freedom of sound-controlled rooms.


The Tudelü UP wall system is flush with your ceiling, floor, and existing walls. There are no doors, hinges, or floor track system. The retractable wall rolls into a ceiling compartment for invisible storage. Needing only 12” in height for full concealment.

Easy to Use

Open or close any space in seconds with the push of a button. The motorized wall system moves up and down effortlessly with a remote control or key mechanism. Quickly and easily change room sizes on short notice.


Match the decor of any space with felt or chilewich finishes. Customize each side of the Tudelü UP wall with their own design. The wall is zippered into the mount so you can change the wall for the seasons or redecoration.


  • STC Ratings: 31, 46, or 53
  • Minimal header requirements: 12″ x 24″
  • Width: Up to 40 ft
  • Height: Up to 12 ft
  • Weight: 50-100 lbs/LF
  • Larger sizes are available upon request