NxtWall View Series Glass Walls

NxtWall View Series Glass Walls

Clean, Simple, Contemporary Glass Wall System

The View glass office wall system combines simplicity with flexibility making moving the wall configuration an easy task. The minimally seamed glass front solution offers elegant frameless glass sliding doors as well as framed aluminum or wood doors. The View office wall Series can be combined with our most comprehensive and Flex Office Wall Series. Combining both office wall systems can deliver the most scalable front and side wall solution on the market today.

Demountable Office Wall Partitions for Today’s Workspace and Tomorrow’s Needs

Nxtwall glass wall systems are perfect for office space partitioning. All of our office wall systems are flexible and expandable due to their fully demountable nature. Reconfigure your space as you see fit or simply swap out panels to freshen up your office’s look. We have designed our wall systems to be initially installed and fully movable with a minimum of disruption to your workspace.

Office Doors

Durable and quiet sliding glass doors are a perfect addition to any glass office wall. Our innovative two-piece track guide and track system and integral sliding rail design provides a clean, simple and functional design guaranteed to perform. If you choose to go with an alternate material instead of a glass door, Nxtwall office wall systems have many options for you to choose from.

Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

Floating Glass Doors

Glass Swing Doors

Solid Core Doors – Variety of Colors

Variety of Hardware

Sliding glass doors are interchangeable and can be mounted on the either the inside or outside

Full Height Floor to Ceiling Glass Walls

Fill your office with light and space. Glass walls can be as dramatic as well as subtle as you design calls for. Glass walls and partitions are a stylish way to visually open up a tight work space.

Full Height Glass Swing Doors

Full Height Butt-Joint Glass Office Walls

Curved / Angled Wall with Butt-Joint Full Height Glass

The View Glass Wall System Offers Complete Glass Wall Customization

Our glass wall system can conform to any glass glass selected within the range of 3/8″ to 5/8″. Flexibility of glass type, thickness along with the option to add functional and decorative elements from our Flex Wall system makes your choices limitless. Many offices are in buildings that present challenges to many demountable glass wall systems. Nxtwall systems work with unlevel floors and other unique building issues.

  • Unlevel Floor Installations
  • Optional Wall Start
  • Special Applications: Please Contact Us
  • Any Type of 3/8″ to 5/8″ Thick Glass
  • Interchangeable with our Flex Wall System
  • Frosted Glass, Clear Glazing, Clear Tempered, Tinted, Patterned, Textured Art Glass…
  • Seamless Glass Office Fronts
  • Frameless Glass Sliding Door
  • Curved / Angled Wall with Butt-Joint Full Height Glass
  • Butt-joint Angled Glass Corner
  • Clear Polycarbonate Glazing Bead Detail


Wall Architectural Wall  
Partition Full Height glazed wall, Centered  
Frame Aluminum  
Thickness 3″ 1/16  
Studs Multi-directional (butt joint) or square post  
Glass Panels Glass thickness of 3/8″ to 1/2″  
Doors Solid, Glazed, Frameless Glass, or Aluminum Framed options

(Full Height sliding or swing), Soft Open/Close Sliding options
Door Frame Reversible door frames and doors  
Compatibility Compatibility with NxtWall’s Flex Office Wall Products  
Maximum Height 10 ft  
Glazing Options Single pane tempered = clear, frosted or mixed options  
Adaptability Flexible wall system allows for unleveled floor applications  
Used Furniture: 
Not Used Furniture