NxtWall Flex Series

NxtWall Flex Series

Flexible, Sustainable, Complete Office Wall System

The Flex Office Wall System offers flexibility and options not normally seen in modular office partitions. Office remodeling and updating comes with costs. Building a new wall or adding on is a big commitment. NxtWall understands that and the solution is removable, movable and reusable offices walls that can expand and contract making NxtWall office walls a true drywall replacement. The benefits of portability and sustainable design makes a NxtWall room divider partition office wall a smart budget friendly choice.

Demountable Office Wall Partitions for Today’s Workspace and Tomorrow’s Needs

Your office space, customized to fit your needs. New construction or historical architecture we can custom fit our walls to your space requirements. Even if your structural walls are not quite plumb, square or level; Nxtwall’s office wall systems are adaptable to every architectural challenge.

Custom Movable Walls and Demountable Partitions is Our Specialty

Removable office walls are a versatile and cost effective solution for dividing commercial interior spaces. No matter your office remodeling role: owner, designer, facility manager, landlord, etc... Nxtwall understands your need for a cost effective solution to ever changing office space needs. Remodeling an office to accommodate new space needs can come to considerable expense. Our office walls are completely demountable allowing their removal to another location or allow for extra modulations to be added on to them at a later date. Because our office walls are modular, interchangeable and easily installed they are a cost saving solution over tradition drywall methods.

Sustainable Design

Our office walls heights, widths, structure, wall board and glass can all be reused due to the built in “field fit” and “field modify” characteristics. Most pre-engineered / pre-manufactured removable wall systems may not be as easily reusable. Our office wall systems are completely demountable and reusable. “Field fit” and “field modify” flexibility makes both the Flex and the View office wall systems far more eco-friendly than other office wall systems on the market today. Because our office wall systems are designed to lessen the impact on environmental waste they may contribute LEED® points to certifying your project.

Examples of Office Wall Modulations

  • Multiple Transoms
  • Unlimited Finishes
  • Curvilinear Floor Plan Capable
  • Full Height Glazed Wall Module – Full Height Solid Wall Module
  • Glass Wall with Solid Wall Module – Solid Wall with Top Glass Clerestory Module
  • Half Glazed Wall Module – Solid Wall, Glass, with Top Solid Module
  • Solid Doors – Glass Doors – Floating Glass Doors – Sliding Glass Doors
Wall Architectural Based Office Wall  
Partition Coverstrips Thin Profile: 1-1/16″ W (Flat) / Genesis: 1-9/16″ W (Flat)  
Frame Aluminum  
Thickness 3″ 1/16  
Studs Multi-directional studs or square angle corner posts  
Panel Options Unlimited choice of panels (melamine, vinyl-faced gypsum, MDF, fabric wrapped homasote, etc…)  
Doors Standard, sliding (with soft open/close options), glazed and full ht. doors available  
Door Frame Reversible door frames, doors, jambs, hinges  
Compatibility Excellent compatibility with NxtWall’s View Product Line and more  
Maximum Height 20′  
Glazing Options Single or double pane, tempered = clear, frosted or mixed options  
Modulations Unlimited modulation with multiple transoms  


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