Muzo Signs

Muzo Signs

Signs is a modular seating system for public spaces, waiting areas and offices. Signs can be ordered in different configurations and sizes to meet different environmental and interior needs. Workspaces shouldn’t be boring. Signs opens up the opportunity for users to adapt easily. Different colors, fabircs and contrast stitching is available. We call it the skin. It’s important to note that although a beautiful product in itself, the intelligent modular design and underlying function shouldn’t be ignored. It is intrinsic to helping users shape an environment that works for them.

Performance Points

The units can be used individually or linked together to form different shapes and compositions, from just a few units for a small office to enormous shapes for a large public space. The composition possibilities are almost endless.

Signs creates an opportunity to have informal and relaxed conversations. This promotes well-being and creativity, and encourages the great ideas that go on to shape our world.

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