Muzo Powerball

Muzo Powerball

A fun way to provide visible power outlets.  Powerball features a mix of standard power outlets and TUF twin USB fast-charging outlets so that laptops, cell phones and tablets can all be charged with one unit. Three different sizes (short, medium, tall) means Powerball can provide various surface heights with a visible, shareable power outlet.

Performance Points

USB Sockets...Twin USB fast-charging outlets so that cell phones, tablets and wearables can all be charged with one unit.

LED...Lighting strip available for extra visibility in darker environments.

Power Sockets...Standard power outlets especially helpful with laptop charging.

Three heights...11½", 19½" and 29½"

Stability...Weighted base keeps Powerball fixed upright

Technical Specifications


The top has 3 inlet/outlet sockets. Each socket can be specified with either a Nema (USA) electrical power socket or a TUF (Twin Usb Fast charge). The Nema socket is rated at 15A in line with UL962A. The rating is the same whether 2 or 3 sockets are specified. The TUF charger is currently rated at 2.3A max combined across the 2 USB ports.

Power Cable

The single power cable is available 27", 58" or 88" long

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