Muzo Mini Mobile Tables

Muzo Mini Mobile Tables

Perfect for solo and collaborative working.  Mini mobile are folding and nesting tables that are ideal for collaborative and solo working styles. Perfect for classroom and learning environments, it only requires one person to fold and nest the tables. Mini mobile makes light work of tasks that can often be laborious, time-consuming and strenuous on our bodies. The point is that you can re-purpose your space. Why have rooms that waste unnecessary amounts of energy when, with intelligent products and ways of working you can have a classroom, meeting space and presentation all in the same room during the same day.

Performance Points

Jewel caster... The caster ensures Mini Mobile can perform like fixed-frame tables when the breaks are engaged. The dual-locking mechanism prevents the wheels rolling and twisting.

Narrow profile when folded... When in transit, the tables can fit through narrow doorways or corridors.

Levelling... 2" of levelling potential ensures the table-tops meet flush on uneven floors.

Inclusive usability... Mini Mobile tables can be quickly and easily assembled by one person - no heavy lifting and no need for a trolley.

Nesting... Mini Mobile tables are easily folded, moved and nested allowing you to make the most of your available space.


Power and data... A range of soft wired power and data units can be fitted to all Kite table systems.

Cable management... A range of cable management products can be used to neatly accommodate cables into the Kite table systems.

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