Kimball Xsite®

Kimball Xsite®

Xsite is a frame and tile system that lets you create a workspace where both independence and interaction are supported. With components that can easily be configured to fit your current workforce and office layout, Xsite can just as easily be reconfigured to accommodate future changes.

Xsite gives you design options. Put tiles anywhere. Create space in more shapes. Customize storage systems. Place components wherever they're most useful. Xsite removes boundaries.

Style choices are extremely broad and flexible. Xsite top caps and trim are available in two profiles with a wide range of paints and wood finishes. Tiles can always be placed independent of the frame, and can be different on either side of the wall. Metal, painted, laminate, and fabric tiles in bold or muted colors can define your office's look and feel while also supporting your organization's culture, personality, and brand. From the reception station to the executive suite, wood tiles and trim can make a warm, welcoming statement. Tackable acoustic, slat, and storage tiles are both functional and attractive.

Simply put...Xsite is a system that eliminates limitations and allows design to emerge freely. Now, ideas don't have to be confined to a cube.

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