Kimball Meadow Recliner

Kimball Meadow Recliner

Meadow is a comprehensive, full function patient recliner designed to fit all patient body types and sizes. Equipped with features to accommodate a wide variety of treatment services while supporting spatial efficiency with its small footprint and portability for patient transition.


  • Supportive, contoured back

  • Removable upholstery cover on footrest

  • Arm caps available in finished beech, 3D laminate, polyurethane, and solid surface

    • Solid surface includes designer white (standard

    • EOScu (Cupron Enhanced EOS) Preventive|Biocidal Surfaces.TM

      A copper-oxide infused, solid surface material, EOScukills >99.9% of harmful bacteria* within two hours of exposure.

  • Optional moisture barrier on seat

  • Bump guard: plastic, protective welt cord option

*See brochure for complete list of features for each recliner

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