JRB Studio MediaShare

JRB Studio MediaShare

MediaShare is a unique sit-to-stand height-adjustable solution for creating collaborative and media-focused worksettings. The forward-looking system for integrating technology enables easy connections for digital devices, including both power and data ports. It also provides dual adjustment controls, efficient and clean cable management, and a versatile mounting system for attaching digital displays up to 50". Choose from a variety of top shapes and sizes, as well as laminate finishes and complementary paint colors.


One-touch, dual-controller height adjustability.

Available in standard or extended range. 

Fully independent, synchronized legs with one plated foot.

Optional display stand supports 30” to 50” displays. 

Optional rear concealing screen optional grommet configurations that can be ordered to accommodate HDMI, VGA, USB, and CAT5 and CAT6. 

Optional concealing shroud for beneath the worksurface.

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