Humanscale Access Rail

Humanscale Access Rail

With a virtually infinite number of configurations, the Access Rail system adds space to any desk or workstation, creates better organization of desktop tools, and improves the user’s access to and interaction with those tools for better working comfort. It is designed for use in PACS environments, NOCS, Command and Control Centers, 911 Centers and wherever multiple monitors are used or desktop space is limited.

About Access Rail

The Access Rail is a coordinated and unique rail system that serves as an all-in-one ergonomic, organization and space-saving solution. Perfect for mounting multiple monitors in a variety of settings, the Access Rail is also ideal for benching applications. 

Easy to Install

The Access Rail can mount to any work surface for easy installation, either by being clamped onto a desk or screwed into the surface. Users can mount monitors, telephones, printers, lights, organizational trays and more on an Access Rail – almost anything with a compatible mount.


Endless Possibilities

The Rails are available in many standard lengths and can be arranged in numerous configurations. Rails can also be mounted to posts in 30˚ increments for non-linear applications.


Ready to Recycle

Abiding by Humanscale’s design philosophy of considering the product at every stage, the Access Rail was made predominantly of aluminum and is built to last so it won't need replacing. It is 100% recyclable.



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