Hightower Breck

Hightower Breck

No ground rules. Designed by San Francisco-based, Most Modest, the Breck Lounge Collection breaks all the rules of the traditional workspace, creating an open-ended environment where choice and flexibility are on-demand. Breck's simple, casual form, exceptional proportions, extreme comfort level and unique design details, provide a relaxed place for informal meetings or more focused, individual work. 


Feel at home at work.  The Breck Lounge chair was designed around the user.  Its large scale and extreme comfort level support a variety of postures, while the unique design details let you relax in style.  Put your feet up - the optional upholstered ottoman provides an even more relaxed experience.


Breck Tables offer versatility at a low-lounge height.  Available in two different sizes, the distinct, clean lines and subtle curves work well in clusters, as a single work surface, or even as an ottoman.  Choose your top from White Laminate, Ash or Walnut veneer.

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