Clarus go! Mobile Glassboard

Clarus go! Mobile Glassboard

Clarus quality, your style

Designer Dony Dawson intended go! to be your perfect glass canvas. Every go! Mobile is handcrafted in the USA using thoughtfully selected, premium materials to create a glass writing surface worthy of your best ideas.

What will you create with go! Mobile?


  • Multi-sided Glassboard with Tempered Safety Writing Glass.
  • Never ghosts, never stains with any marker, even permanent.
  • Fully customizable with 13 steel frame finishes, infinite glass colors and four caster shades.
  • Gangs for large writing surfaces and privacy areas, nests for easy storage.
  • Three and four-wheel options for each size.
  • Five go! Hub options for limitless configuration with three wheel go! Mobiles
  • Custom logos, patterns and artwork available. Magnetic & non-magnetic finish.
  • Clarus Opti-Clear Polish.


  • go! XS – 40″w x 54″h
    • Non-Mag – 90lbs three wheel, 96lbs four wheel
    • Magnetic – 110lbs three wheel, 116lbs four wheel
  • go! S – 60″w x 54″h
    • Non-Mag – 122lbs three wheel, 128lbs four wheel
    • Magnetic – 152lbs three wheel, 158lbs four wheel
  • go! M – 40″w x 73″h
    • Non-Mag – 115lbs three wheel, 121lbs four wheel
    • Magnetic – 142lbs three wheel, 148lbs four wheel
  • go! XL – 60″w x 73″h
    • Non-Mag – 165lbs three wheel, 171lbs four wheel
    • Magnetic – 206lbs three wheel, 212lbs four wheel 
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