Agati POD

Agati POD

Discover Pod and Nook: effective private spaces that create a haven for users and enhance the aesthetics of your environment with a striking visual piece.

Users enter Pod and Nook at the side, and its surrounding walls (including the back) give them their own personal space, putting the mind at ease and fostering the ability to focus within a larger environment. Pod and Nook does all of this without building rooms.


With its curvy lines and stylish architecture, POD undoubtedly stands out in any environment.

A contemporary take on the study carrel, POD is designed to create total comfort for individuals wanting their own private study haven. Enter POD at the side for an experience completely unique to the world of library furniture. The back-covering, upholstered curved panel and power options ensure total focus on tasks while allowing users to maintain their connection to the surrounding open environment.

Aesthetics and functionality blend seamlessly in the new POD, bringing the modern study haven to a new generation of users.

Because two heads are better than one, the POD Duo provides comfortable accommodations for a pair who need a sanctuary-like workspace.

The POD Duo creates a small and stylish meeting room right in the middle of your main floor without the cost of building permanent walls. Privacy is an organic design element with sound-absorbing upholstered panels that are high enough to block visual distractions but do not disrupt the room's sightlines. With space for two, POD Duo is ideal for one-on-one tutoring, interview training, or pair group activities.

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