Lili'uokalani Trust

Liliuokalani Trust LogoE ‘Onipa‘a Kākou “To be steadfast, established, firm, resolute and determined.”

Lili`uokalani Trust is a private operating foundation founded in 1909.  The mission of the trust is to serve orphan and destitute children with preference given to Native Hawaiian children.  The trust serves approximately 10,000 children annually through direct services and reaches thousands more through collaboration with community partners.  The Trust includes a diversified portfolio of real estate, marketable securities and private investments provides the resources to support mission-related programs and activities.

Lili'uokalani Trust reached out to Infinium Interiors to assist with space planning, design services, and furniture recommendations for their company consolidation efforts at their Alakea Corporate Headquarters on the 2nd and 8th floor, along with expansion at their Kapolei office.  The client was looking for extreme mobility and ability to write anywhere and everywhere in order to provide an everlasting workspace for their employees.  In consultation with a few of the local Architectural and Design firms, Infinium Interiors presented a space plan and a commercial furniture product mix which included the following:

Kimball Office Priority Height Adjustable and mobile desks

Kimball Office Bloom Lounge Seating

Kimball Office Scenario Mobile Flip Top Tables

Kimball Office Dock Tables

Kimball Office Wish Ergonomic Seating

Kimball Office Alumma 

Kimball Office Flip Seating

Kimball Office Dwell Seating

Kimball Office Xsede Workstations

Arcadia Avelina Meeting Tables

Arcadia Intima Lounge Seating

Muzo Waltzer Mobile Lounge Seating

Muzo Flow Mobile Marker Boards

Magnuson Newport Desk Accessories