Frequently Asked Questions

No matter the type of business, you can streamline your interior furnishings purchasing process by going a little slow in the beginning in order to establish a good understanding of what your parameters and end goals are. Once identified, these help you and your vendor(s) work to meet your specific and unique needs. Here is a list of starter questions we often ask of our clients. (You may also download this in PDF version.) 

How much time should I allow for my project ?

This depends on the complexity of the project. Once your order is placed, allow at least eight weeks to get your items delivered and installed. Additional services may require extra time. Once we understand the scope of your project, we will create a project timeline for you. We will also provide you periodic progress reports.

How much can I expect to spend?

The cost of your investment is dependent on the scope of your project and the quality of products you choose to invest. “You get what you pay for” holds true for interior products. Our team will work with you to consider different options, including the durability of products and whether completing your project in phases is practical. Financing your furnishings may be a beneficial option to consider as well, either through your financial institution or through our third-party finance partner.

Is input from staff necessary?

Input from the end-user, the people spending the most time in the space, can be very helpful. It can also pose a challenge, as different opinions will reveal themselves. A good rule of thumb is to seek input and suggestions, leaving final decisions to a few. Focus your inquiry on the type of work and activity taking place in the space. This will help determine the furnishings necessary to meet your business needs.

Who else should be consulted?

In addition to engaging staff, if you have clients and customers who use your space, understanding their needs is also useful. And for brand-savvy businesses, including your marketing experts in the planning process ensures the look of your space supports your brand.

What is ergonomics, and does it really matter?

Ergonomics is the science of how a workplace and the furniture and equipment within can be best designed for comfort, efficiency, safety, and productivity. It’s an important consideration that supports user health and well-being. Table height, seating, and monitor-keyboard placement are examples of where ergonomics make a difference.

How do I balance function with aesthetics?

While both have a role, we recommend your initial focus be on the function of the space you are improving or moving into. Once a plan in place for what’s needed to make a space efficient and effective, decisions about styles, finishes, colors, and fabrics can be made.

I am not a designer, where can I get help with colors, textures, and styles?

Infinium Interiors offers interior design and space planning services. Our design and sales staff will collaborate with you to ensure the project meets the work/activity needs – and looks great.

We’d like to include walls and floors in our redesign. How do we coordinate this?

We can help. In addition to getting you the furniture you need, we can assist with flooring, paint, walls, and partitions. We can also help with demolition of your existing space and removal of unwanted furnishings. By having Infinium Interiors as your single point of contact, you can be assured that the different project elements work together, both functionally and aesthetically and that the work is completed in a streamlined manner.

Is it possible to see a product before buying?

In many cases, yes! Photos are nice, but physically experiencing and testing a product is even better. Infinium Interiors maintains a library of sample fabrics and finishes in-house. And in many cases we may be able to obtain a sample furniture item or arrange to visit an office using the product you are interested in.

How do floors and walls affect my space plan?

Floors and walls are often noticed as soon as someone enters a room. They contribute to the overall look and function and can be part of your noise management strategy. As part of our initial consultation, we will explore several spatial elements with you, including furniture, walls, floors, lighting, noise levels, and foot traffic patterns. These are then incorporated into a plan designed specifically around your situation and needs.

How do I plan for changes in technology?

While it’s difficult to predict exactly what or when changes will occur, there are sure to be shifts and advances in technology that impact offices. Our workplace consultants track these trends and can provide guidance and suggestions.  

How long can I expect my new furniture to last?

How long a furniture will last, obviously, depends on how much use it gets, how well it’s cared for, and the quality of the product. A rarely used, moderately priced item might last as long as a heavily used, premium priced item. Our workplace consultants work with you to understand your short- and long-term needs, and will propose specific models, brands, finishes, and fabrics to meet your needs.

How does warranty support work?

A variety of warranty options are available to you from the manufacturer. And in many cases, we service your products as long as you own them.

Are there financing options?

Yes, flexible financing can be secured through Marlin Equipment Finance, a third-party firm, that has provided furnishings and equipment financing nationally since 1997.  You might also check with your preferred banker or lender to explore their available options.