For Architects and Designers

Infinium Interiors takes pride in partnering with Architects and Designers to bring projects to life with renderings, live animations, and virtual space walk-thrus. Our design team is here to provide a realistic view of your new space.



We can provide colorful renderings that closely match your space and include area alterations such as wall paint colors, flooring options, furniture additions, and adding plants and paintings to walls. Have a project that requires renderings? Contact Us




Providing live animations of your clients’ spaces can help them to better understand the final layout and feel of their work area, as well as provide a them with some insight into what work would need to be done to accomplish their vision. Need a live animation created? Contact Us




Infinium Interiors can create virtual space walk-thrus with our various furniture lines to provide clients with a clear representation of how our products can fit in their spaces. Contact Us