Space Saving Ideas: Nesting Seating

Do you find yourself needing more space than you have room? One day you need seats for a training session and the next you need to clear the room for a different activity. Stacking chairs are a good solution, but can be cumbersome, requiring some sweat equity and sometimes a dedicated cart to move the stack. Stacking chairs also tend to look…well, like stacking chairs.

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Creating a Healthier Workplace

Earlier this year the World Health Organization (WHO) made physical activity and health a global priority. They cited alarming increases in serious health issues caused by sedentary lifestyles, noting that wealthier nations are less physically active than poorer nations. WHO also stated that people with sedentary lifestyles experience higher risks of developing diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other life-threatening ailments.

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Thinking About the Office of the Future

  • by savan - Mon, 06/11/2018 - 14:16

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The June 1, 2018 Pacific Business News cover story, “The Office of the Future”, accurately suggests that the workplace of the future will both function and look different from what it is today. A bank of Dilbert-like neutral cubicles, some random chairs and desks, a conference table, and a white board will no longer suffice.

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Emagispace: A New Solution to Interior Soft Walls

Emagispace is a patented, flexible, building block technology that can, in most cases, take the place of traditional interior soft walls. These modular walls can be built to be freestanding, or can be integrated with existing walls, ceilings, and floors. Emagispace can be customized to include electrical cables, plumbing, insulation and a variety of attractive finishes – all with up to 50% cost savings on labor.

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